New Patients

As of September 1, 2019, You may be seen for physical therapy evaluation and treatment without a doctors referral for 10 consecutive business days.  A doctor’s order is required to continue past those 10 days. Not all insurance policies will cover PT treatment provided without a doctor’s referral (order).  Please contact Marshall and he will check your policy. Medicare does not require a doctor’s order but they do require a doctor to sign the plan of care to certify medical necessity. 

 New patients should:

  • Wear comfortable but not tight clothing
  • Wear the shoes you normally walk in (i.e. don’t wear new shoes)
  • Bring an ID (driver’s license)
  • Bring your insurance card(s)
  • Bring a medication list. The medication list should include the name of the drug or supplement, the dose, frequency medication is taken and the route or way the medication is taken (eye drops, nose spray, injection, by mouth)
  • Bring a surgery list
  • Bring any imaging reports you want us to know about

Call Marshall at 806-319-7488 to make an appointment or for more information.